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Famous Betsy Wetsy with Steamer Trunk
Price: $12.79
Description Cuddlesome baby doll of vinyl plastic that's soft to the touch and beautifully detailed. Betsy has lustrous rooted Saran hair to comb, brush, set. Coos like a real baby, she drinks, wets and cries tears. Arms and legs are jointed... head turns. Lashed glassene sleeping eyes. Betsy comes dressed in a shirt and diaper. Layette has organdy dress with matching bonnet, slip, diaper, safety pins, powder puffs, bottle, soap, wash cloth, tissues, clothes pins, vinyl pants and booties. Sturdy trunk of colorful fiberboard, has plastic handle, steel hinges and snap fastener. A real beauty any "young mother" is sure to love.

Betsy Wetsy with Steamer Trunk From The 1950s

Maverick and Bat Masterson Costumes
Price: $5.98 each
Description Maverick costume has tan trousers, black cotton twill coat, white cotton poplin shirt, rayon satin vest, tie, cotton felt hat, plastic holster, and belt that holds a metal cap pistol. Bat Masterson costume has white cotton shirt, string tie, gold-color vest, black twill trousers, and a hat of flocked vinyl.

Maverick and Bat Masterson Costumes From The 1950s

Dick Clark Autograph Doll
Price: $7.49
Description Teen-age idol... as a most alive-looking autograph doll. From vinyl head to stylish shoes he's an exciting autograph item for memorable occasions. Dick wears cotton poplin jacket, pants, vest, sewed-on shirt with cuffs and cuff links.

Dick Clark Autograph Doll From The 1950s

Barbie Fashion Dolls
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $1.29
Description These Images are from 1960 sorry could not find any from 1959 the year Barbie Came out but thought I must include Barbie for 1959.

New Exiting Barbie Fashion Dolls Launched in March 1959 From The 1950s

Diving Submarine
Price: $2.69
Description Replica of the "Nautilus". Push remote control button on battery case, see it dive. Push another button and it surfaces, conning tower lights up. Lithographed metal.

Diving Submarine From The 1950s

Drive-In Theater
Price: $4.89
Description Big "Movieland" Drive-In... miniature of a real outdoor theater. Has parking lot, six metal cars, entrance and exit lanes, marquee, ticket window, screen. Booth with projector uses two batteries. Includes six film strips of "Have Gun, Will Travel", "Mighty Mouse", "Dinky Duck", "Captain Kangaroo", and two others.

Drive-In Theater From The 1950s

Electric Convertible
Price: $21.95
Description Electric all-steel convertible with action dashboard. Dummy windshield wipers, direction lever, ignition key, and more. Has tail fins and operates on standard 6 volt battery.

Electronic Convertible From The 1950s

Food Mix Set
Price: $5.87
Description Includes 8 Swansdown mixes, 4 Aunt Jemima mixes, 8 Flako mixes, 12 Junior Chef puddings, assorted pie mixes, frostings, and Log Cabin Syrup. The utensils include 2 cake pans, 2 pie tins, 2 spoons, 2 cookie sheets, 2 mixing bowls, decorator 3-nozzle, 7 cookie cutters, bread pan, rolling pin, muffin tin, pancake grill, turner, funnel, egg beater, and cookie pan.

Food Mix Set From The 1950s

Jet Interceptor Fighter Cockpit
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $15.95
Description Projects a force of six moving "enemy" planes on wall at six different levels. Rocket launcher fires rubber-tipped "rockets" from four guns, makes "rat-a-tat" machine gun noise, hits and "shoots down" enemy aircraft. Tracking radar scope flashes red warning light when you stray off course. Gauge on lighted instrument panel shows "air speed," has bank, turn indicator. Vividly simulates the actual flight and combat conditions of the modern jet age.

Jet Interceptor Fighter Cockpit From The 1950s

Price: $33.97
Description Electric headlights and horn! Removable spare wheel. Rear-view mirror. Chain drive... enclosed for safety. Has double-disc 8-inch wheels, nylon bearings, semi-pneumatic tires. Plated hub caps, radio antenna and headlight hoods. Lights and horn operated from dash on 6-volt battery. Golden dusk body with gardenia white.

Kidillac From The 1950s

Little Miss Revlon
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $2.67
Description As pretty as a fashion model! This easy-to-dress doll has jointed legs, turning waist... she can stand alone and pose. Beautiful rooted Saran hair can be combed, brushed and set. Vinyl plastic head and arms. "Magic-touch" vinyl body, feels like real skin. She's nicely groomed with painted fingernails and toenails. She wears shoes, lacy bra, panty-girdle and earrings. Other outfits can be bought separately. Choose from a doll with a pony tail or bobbed hair. You can begin to see the changes that will happen in 1960s Toys as fashion has more of an influence on Girls Dolls

Little Miss Revlon Doll From The 1950s

Little Orby
Price: 87 cents
Description He's a happy-faced space-age critter! Defies gravity as he climbs walls, mirrors, or smooth, non-porous surfaces.

Little Orby From The 1950s

Marybel the Get Well Doll
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
Price: $12.37
Description Here's a wonderful way for little girls to get to know about some of life's little unhappinesses... in a "fun" sort of way. Marybel herself is a very lovely doll... and perfectly healthy too. But play-troubles come with her. She has a cast for make believe broken leg or arm, crutches just her size, red dots and spectacles for measles, yellow spots for chicken pox, band-aids and bandages are included for minor scratches. A little girl will love Marybel whether sick or well... and will adore dressing her. She comes with pretty shortie pajamas and slippers; has a ribbon bow in her glossy rooted hair.

Marybel the Get Well Doll From The 1950s

Old Pal the Walking Horse
Manufacturer: Hubley
Price: $16.88
Description A slight rocking motion actually makes "Old Pal" walk... and, after a busy day on the "range" he can also be led to the "corral." Sturdy steel body, heavy gauge steel legs. Durable enamel finish.

Old Pal the Walking Horse From The 1950s

Plastic Kampanile
Manufacturer: Kusan
Price: $3.98
Description A tower of musical bells that plays real songs! As you touch its key, each precision-tuned metal bell swings and rings one note in the scale. big keyboard is color-keyed to song book.

Plastic Kampanile From The 1950s

Plastic Molding Machine with Play-Doh
Manufacturer: Play-Doh
Price: $2.97
Description A fascinating new device that turns out houses, trees, dogs, and more in non-toxic, colorful Play-Doh. Youngsters will love building their own villages and scenes. The Play-Doh can be used over and over if you keep it in the can. Make permanent objects too, by baking or allowing Play-Doh to dry at room temperature.

Plastic Molding Machine with Play-Doh From The 1950s

Playskool Camera Bug
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $1.79
Description Colorful cord holds wood "camera" in position. Film (a Magic Slate) can be removed and there is a stylus to draw a picture.

Playskool Camera Bug From The 1950s

Play Spray Set
Price: $2.87
Description Easy-to-use, non-toxic glamour aids for little ladies to encourage cleanliness and make bath-time luxurious. Set consists of two cans of clean-scented bubble bath, one can of delightfully fragrant cologne foam which soothes and smoothes the skin, one can of beauty cream skin softener with dainty fragrance, and one can of hair spray just like mother uses.

Play Spray Set From The 1950s

Rite-Hite All Steel Kitchen
Manufacturer: Kenmore, Coldspot, and Happi-Time
Price: $27.95 for complete set
Description The finest girl-sized modern appliances with loads of built-in play value. Comes with the Kenmore Toy Range, Coldspot Toy Refrigerator, and Happi-Time Sink.

Rite-Hite All Steel Kitchen From The 1950s

Playskool Rotary Mower
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $3.39
Description Realistic action push toy. Vari-colored balls in "see-through" dome flash and tumble as mower is pushed. Rotary blade actually turns. "Spark plug" removes from dome, allows piston pieces to move along a cord.

Playskool Rotary Mower From The 1950s

Roy Rogers Double-R Bar Ranch Set
Price: $3.98
Description This 90 piece set includes Roy, Dale Evans, Pat Brady and Bullet, the dog, 18 cowboys and ranch-hands, 5 long-horned steers, 5 cow ponies, a big ranch house, and ranch equipment like a pump, rain barrel, and hitching rail. There is also interlocking fence pieces, pistols, rifles, a guitar, and much more.

Roy Rogers Ranch Set From The 1950s

Sophisti-Kit Set
Price: $3.97
Description Red rayon satin gown, metallic white cotton jersey mitts, rayon silver color lame clutch bag, sequin trimmed veil, rhinestone ring, necklace and orchid corsage are included in this dress-up set for girls.

Sophisti-Kit Set From The 1950s

Outer Space Ray Gun
Price: $1.89
Description Attention all space cadets! Amaze your friends with this amazing sonic Ray Gun. Satellite-barrel ray chamber has three-color revolving lens to shoot realistic "alpha, beta and gamma rays." Complete instructions for sending code teach you how to send and receive messages used in outer space play. Can also be used as flashlight.

Outer Space Ray Gun From The 1950s

Split-Level House with Pool
Price: $8.99
Description This doll house has a patio with a barbecue, a light and doorbell that work and much more. Includes mother, father, sister, baby, diving boy, sitting girl at pool, and 35 plastic accessories including furniture.

Split-Level House with Pool From The 1950s

Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty Doll
Manufacturer: Madame Alexander
Price: $17.97
Description No other word but "gorgeous" can describe the costume this golden-haired doll is wearing. Shimmering rayon satin gown has gold-color trim. Gold-color lace cape is full and sweeping. Princess crown of gold-color with rhinestone sets that glitter and glow. The Princess wears full ruffled slip, lace-edged panties, and nylon hose that have seams. Golden slippers, shiny ring and necklace. Her beautiful rigid plastic body has soft Vinyl arms.

Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty Doll From The 1950s

Yankee Doodle Secret Rocket Test Center
Manufacturer: Remco
Price: $8.87
Description A real Space-Age toy! Sends up thrilling succession of rockets and satellites. At launching time, warning siren sounds; pull lever to automatically open doors and raise rocket launcher to firing position. Count-down clock ticks of a countdown from 10 to 0. At zero count, a rocket with satellite fire automatically.

Yankee Doodle Secret Rocket Test Center From The 1950s