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Adventures of Lassie Game
Price: $1.69
Description Recreates the TV and movie adventures of this "Wonder Dog". Barking Lassie markers, 4 pawns, 4 pegs, spinner, and board included. For two to four players.

Adventures of Lassie Game From The 1950s

Baby with Playmate
Price: $6.97
Description This 17-inch baby doll comes with a playmate. She does not drink or wet, but she is made of all vinyl with jointed arms and legs and a turning head. She has molded hair and lashed moving eyes and an appealing "coo" voice. She is wearing a cotton flannelette diaper and her layette includes a cotton romper, bonnet, shoes, and socks. Her little playmate is the original Rose O'Neill's "Kewpie" doll mold of vinyl, too.

Baby with Playmate From The 1950s

Buzz Around Bee
Price: $2.59
Description As you pull toy, bee buzzes angrily around inside of plastic dome, his every move followed by giant roving eyes.

Buzz Around Bee From The 1950s

Dennis the Menace
Price: $4.39
Description This 14-inch tall cartoon character is all vinyl. He has a turning freckle-faced head and is dress in a cotton shirt, overalls, and molded vinyl shoes. His features are painted on.

Dennis the Menace From The 1950s

Disney Space Ship Set
Manufacturer: Walt Disney
Price: $2.79
Description Three imaginative plastic models: 11-inch high "Rocket to the Moon"; 12-inch long RM-1 Rocket Ship with display stand; 8-inch high Space Station with stand. Cement and assembly instructions included.

Disney Space Ship Set From The 1950s

Electric Baseball Pitching Machine
Price: $7.97
Description Young "Big Leaguers" will spend hours improving their batting averages. No balls to chase, no yard too small. A 6-volt battery operated motor on top of an adjustable 35-inch high pole swings the ball round on the end of a line. When youngster connects with a hit, number of times ball reverses indicates whether it was a double, single, or other type of hit. Stakes into the ground and can be used with right or left-handed batters. Just one example of the type of Toys From The 1950s children would play with

Electric Baseball Pitching Machine From The 1950s

Little Lulu
Price: $3.79
Description Little Lulu is a 15-inch fabric doll stuffed with soft cotton. She has a painted face and curly yarn hair. The doll is wearing a cotton dress, full-length undergarment, and has simulated socks and shoes.

Little Lulu From The 1950s

Margie Sub-Teen Doll
Price: $15.98
Description Margie, the sweet sub-teen doll is 17 inches tall and has rooted Saran hair, lashed glassene sleeping eyes, a turning head, jointed arms, legs, and elbows, and a poseable body made of smooth soft vinyl. She wears a dress, slip, panties, socks, shoes, and necklace. She also has a plastic case with a comb and brush as well as a wardrobe. Her wardrobe includes a cotton dress, housecoat, coat, hat, two pairs of vinyl shoes, socks, three hangers, and sunglasses.

Margie Sub-Teen Doll From The 1950s

Maverick Double Criss Cross Belt Holster Set
Price: $9.69
Description A favorite of the Maverick Brothers on television. Pistols have break-barrels... open to load removable revolving cylinders. Bullets load into chambers in cylinder, along with caps. Top grain leather holsters and belt decorated with large nickel-plated buckles and copper-colored studs. Belt has large nickel-plated conchas and studs. Silver-colored bullets on belt.

Maverick Holster Set From The 1950s

Moon Space Ship
Manufacturer: Nomura
Price: $3.79
Description Contacts object, turns in another direction. Piston-action satellite. Has two lighted radar screens and is made of metal. **Note: I recently found this toy for sale on a vintage toy auction website with an asking price of $1300.00**

Moon Space Ship From The 1950s

Musical Bluebird
Price: $5.49
Description A sure sign of happiness. Made with two-tone cotton-backed rayon plush, it has a blue head and back and a yellow breast and underbody. It is made with a genuine Swiss music box.

Musical Bluebird From The 1950s

Outer Space Ray Gun
Price: $1.89
Description Attention all space cadets! Amaze your friends with this sonic ray gun. Satellite-barrel ray chamber has 3-color revolving lens to shoot realistic "alpha, beta, and gamma rays." Complete instructions for sending secret code teach you how to send and receive messages used in outer space play. Can also be used as a flashlight.

Outer Space Ray Gun From The 1950s

Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $2.59
Description Plays a tune as toy is pulled. Comes with wooden mallet and song book.

Pull-a-Tune From The 1950s

Revlon Fashion Dolls
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $6.97 - $17.79
Description Choose from a variety of sizes of these lovely grown-up dolls in their different fashions. The "Queen of Diamonds" is luxuriously dressed for the evening in a dress with a lamé bodice, lined velvet coat and lamé scarf, lace-trimmed sewn-in slip, panties, long nylon hose, high-heel shoes, and simulated rhinestone earrings, necklace and ring. The "Kissing Pink" fashion doll wears a print dress with net and ruffled crinoline, bodice with imitation rhinestones, lace-trimmed panties, nylon hose, high-heel shoes, and simulated pearl necklace and earrings. The "5th Avenue" doll wears a casual lounging ensemble of cotton blouse, slacks, high-heeled shoes, earrings, flower-spray, and a jacket of soft cotton fleece. Dolls range in size and price from 15-inch tall to 20-inch tall.

Revlon Fashion Dolls From The 1950s

Robot Hands
Manufacturer: Kilgore
Price: $4.29
Description Atomic Age Robot Hands and Face Mask. Plastic hands pick up any object. Have polyethylene gauntlets with "lightning bolts" and "eyes" that glow in the dark. Robot face mask is adjustable.

Robot Hands From The 1950s

Rocket Ship Monorail Set
Price: $3.39
Description Give your youngster a realistic peep into his transportation future! Brightly colored metal rocket ship is suspended from a sturdy steel monorail supported by 10 steel trestles. In operation, the rocket ship travels on monorail continuously.

Rocket Ship Monorail Set From The 1950s

Ruff 'n' Reddy
Price: $3.98
Description Ruff 'n' Reddy, two comical buddies want to be friends with children, too. Ruff, the dog, is 16 inches tall; Reddy, the car, is 11 inches tall. Both have cotton-backed rayon plush bodies with cotton stuffing. As cute as on TV.

Ruff 'n' Reddy From The 1950s

Swept-Wing Interceptor
Price: $6.98
Description Guides from control wheel, the turn of the wheel controls direction, buttons control forward and reverse. Made of plastic, missile released by lever.

Swept-Wing Interceptor From The 1950s

Trigger Concealed Spring Horse
Price: $24.95
Description New Trigger is a bouncing spring horse. A dashing palomino molded of acetate plastic with vinyl plastic reins. Giant concealed coil spring in horse's body gives safe, spirited ride.

Trigger Concealed Spring Horse From The 1950s

Ultra Modern Dining and Living Room Sets
Price: $5.49 each
Description Contemporary furniture specially styled for the 8 to 10 inch doll. Each piece beautifully designed in selected hardwood. Gleaming natural wood, hand-rubbed finishes and chic decorator fabrics complete a set dolly will love. The dining room set includes 2 upholstered chairs, modern buffet with sliding doors and sturdy shelves, and a table. The living room set includes an upholstered sofa, easy chair, coffee table, end table, and a metal lamp with shade.

Ultra Modern Dining and Living Room Sets From The 1950s

Walking Ballerina with Wardrobe and Case
Manufacturer: Valentine Doll
Price: $8.97
Description Fully jointed arms, legs, knees, and ankles. Made of hard plastic with vinyl head and arms, rooted pony-tail hair, lashes, and moving glassene eyes. Wears ballerina costume, hose, ballet slippers, and flower-spray. Has a wardrobe that includes a party dress, afternoon dress, hat, two pairs of shoes, anklets, hand bag, necklace, and ring.

Walking Ballerina with Wardrobe and Case From The 1950s

Zorro Official Guitar
Price: $8.98
Description Beautifully decorated with your youngsters' favorite Television hero, Zorro, pictured in silhouette on his horse. His famous "Z" mark appears in two other positions on the face of the guitar, too. This is almost as large as a regular professional guitar, and includes a push-button attachment that simplifies playing; snaps over neck of guitar. Instruction song booklet. Constructed of sturdy plastic with nylon and wire strings. Has metal gear action tuning pegs.

Zorro Official Guitar From The 1950s