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1955 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1950s

3-Coin Register Bank
Price: $3.69
Description The 3-coin Register Bank makes saving money fun. Deposit coins, bell rings. Takes nickels, dimes, and quarters. Computed dollar, cent totals visible. Locks when 25 cents is deposited. Opens at $10. Rear coin slot; hole for bills you receive as gifts. Holds about $50.

3-Coin Register Bank From The 1950s

Bouncy Trampoline
Manufacturer: Sears
Price: $34.95
Description Do somersaults and stunts like circus acrobats! Help your sprouting stunt man learn muscle coordination with the big trampoline. Just a couple of jumps on spring-suspended canvas surface gives your trickster the extra zoom he needs for flips, somersaults, and all kinds of acrobatics. One of the things you do notice is much lower safety on Childrens toys from the fifties , this example shows no safety features which we would expect today including side coverings to stop kids hurting them selves.

Bouncy Trampoline From The 1950s

Carousel Gym Set
Manufacturer: Sears
Price: $27.95
Description The Carousel Gym Set is as exciting as a carnival in your own backyard. Three colorful wooden ponies twirl tykes with the push of a toe. Glide-Ride seats stay level. Non-tilt swing on ball bearing hangers; rings, trapeze, 2 chinning bars.

Carousel Gym Set From The 1950s

Chrome-Plate Electric Play Iron
Manufacturer: Wolverine
Price: $2.69
Description Iron clothes like mother! Has bakelite handle. Only runs on 20 watts so it can't overheat!

Chrome-Plate Electric Play Iron From The 1950s

Effanbee Honey Walker
Manufacturer: Effanbee
Price: $6.98
Description Effanbee Honey Walker strolls with her mama, flirtatiously tilting her head from side to side. She sits demurely by herself when mama sets, combs, brushes her long Saran tresses. Made of break-resistant plastic with closing glassene eyes. She wears a rayon taffeta dress, straw hat, undies, shoes, and socks.

Effanbee Honey Walker From The 1950s

Farm Stake Tonka Truck
Manufacturer: Tonka
Price: $3.98
Description Realistic in every detail... right down to its rear wheels with mud flaps! Small-fry farmers find it ideal to haul any load. The stake panels come out for the big jobs. Made of tough, heavy gauge metal.

Farm Stake Tonka Truck From The 1950s

J.C. Higgins Bicycle
Manufacturer: J.C. Higgins
Price: $62.95
Description Boys' model has beautiful black and red enamel finish with chrome-plated and gold-color trim. Girls' model is royal blue and pale blue with chrome-plated and white trim. Hop on, sit down on the seat and feel the spring-action comfort to ease out over the bumps. Swing out into the street, feel the easy control you have on the handlebars, pedals and brake. Has many deluxe features that other bicycles do not have, like a strong steel luggage carrier with a cat's eye reflector.

J.C. Higgins Bicycle From The 1950s

Latex Doll
Price: $1.98
Description A 13 inch tall doll, sweet as a cherry blossom. Has a vinyl plastic head and latex body. Has glassene eyes and molded hair. She wears a lace-trimmed cotton dress, pants, socks, and shoes.

Latex Doll From The 1950s

Life-Size Baby Doll
Price: $4.85
Description An ideal doll to dress as you like. Soft-as-life latex body you can sponge clean. Pert face, molded hair of soft vinyl. Cotton stuffed and 26 inches tall. Wears rayon chemise and has go-to-sleep eyes.

Life-Size Baby Doll From The 1950s

Military Academy Play Set
Price: $3.89
Description A brightly lithographed metal military academy with archway and walled four-corner tower sections and ramparts. In the motif of a military school, all sections interlock with buildings and archway to form one complete unit with an open courtyard in the center. A full complement of military academy cadets, 40 in all, are finely detailed in soft vinyl plastic. In addition, there are six famous generals: Eisenhower, Bradley, Marshall, MacArthur, Arnold, and Gruenther. Set includes American flag, 2 shooting cannons and ammunition, plus an informative folder with a story about each general.

Military Academy Play Set From The 1950s

Mouseketeer Portable Typewriter
Manufacturer: T. Cohn
Price: $3.98
Description Actually types letters on standard paper. Durably constructed and decorated with Mouseketeer design. Comes with extra ribbon.

Mouseketeer Portable Typewriter From The 1950s

Musical Doll Stroller
Price: $5.98
Description Candy-striped red and white hood and shopping bag. Made of vinyl plastic with steel frame and aluminum finish. Music box can be disconnected.

Musical Doll Stroller From The 1950s

Price: $12.98
Description Built-in rack on mellow-tone phonograph holds 36 records. Colorful pyroxylin-coated covering. Has a metal panel and built-in tone chamber. Plays up to 12-inch 78 rpm records. Includes needles and 12 vinyl children's records.

1950s Phonograph From The 1950s

Rocket Bicycle Headlight
Manufacturer: J.C. Higgins
Price: $1.89
Description Flashy streamlined J.C. Higgins rocket jet headlight is completely new! It is ten inches long and has bright red translucent plastic jet. Headlight casts bright pinpoint beam. A great bicycle accessory.

Rocket Bicycle Headlight From The 1950s

Royal Tea Set
Manufacturer: Banner
Price: $3.98
Description Service for 4. Luxurious copper-tone with pretty pink, matching tableware. Fit for a queen.

Royal Tea Set From The 1950s

Snap Apart Truck Set
Price: $2.83
Description Teeny truckers can make three toys in one: cab on wheels; cab with flat bed swivel trailer; cab with swivel trailer van body. Easy to put together and take apart. All parts joined by sturdy metal snaps.

Snap Apart Truck Set From The 1950s

Sports Figurine Set
Price: $1.25
Description Small figurine set includes football player, baseball player, basketball player, and a skater.

Sports Figurine Set From The 1950s

Toy Grand Piano
Manufacturer: Langfelder
Price: $3.88
Description Beautifully-scaled reproduction of a salon-type professional grand piano. Has feather-touch action with clear rich chime-like tone. Its 20 keys include 8 flats and sharps. Ebony finish, beautifully decorated. Comes with song book.

Toy Grand Piano From The 1950s

Walt Disney Figurines
Manufacturer: Walt Disney
Price: $1.49
Description Small figurine set includes characters from Walt Disney movies, including Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Walt Disney Figurines From The 1950s

Wooden Block Set
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $1.75
Description Thirty wood blocks with all the letters of the alphabet and animals to help little kids learn. Interlocking grooves keep towers from tumbling and make it easy to create wonderful structures.

Wooden Block Set From The 1950s