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Car Insignia Keychain
Price: $1.00
Description The car insignia of her choice on the Bantam-Lite. Here are twelve insignias (gold-plated) of the most popular cars. The miniature plastic flashlight has a sparkly chain for her keys. Choose from Ford, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Buick, Studebaker, Dodge, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Mercury, Chrysler, Nash or Cadillac.

Car Insignia Keychain 1953

Cowhide Shoulder Strap Bag
Price: $15.98
Description Made by hand cowhide shoulder strap bag. Hand carved floral motif. Genuine suede lining. Slit pocket on back. Built-in front coin purse. Two-sectioned interior. From Guatemala. Colors are natural tan or dark brown.

Cowhide Shoulder Strap Bag 1953

French Style Glove
Price: $2.79
Description The style's strictly French. Our American copy is made of double woven nylon. Hand wash. Colors include white, black or beige.

French Style Glove 1953

Lady Elgin Watch
Price: $125.00 - $195.00
Description Heart-stealing loveliness, whispering affection with the sincere accent of shimmering diamonds! Tiny case is all 14K white gold. The 3-point diamonds are mounted in lovely "Lily of the Valley" motif end pieces. High domed crystal. White dial; dainty figures in contrasting jet black. Choose from 8 diamonds ($195.00), 4 diamonds ($150.00) or 2 diamonds ($125.00).

Lady Elgin Watch 1953

Lyric Carry-All
Price: $15.00
Description Lyric's exquisite new carryall combines glowing, genuine mother-of-pearl with rich, gold-color, tarnish resistant metal. Chain handle. Holds nine regular-size cigarettes. Includes Lyric Caprice lipstick (clear red suits every complexion), compact with inner metal door, puff, sample of Lyric face powder, and full mirror.

Lyric Carry-All 1953

Men's Initial Cuff Links
Price: $3.95
Description Handsomely engraved tie clip and cuff link set with one initial. Highly polished. Choose from any letters except I, O, Q, U, V, X, Y, or Z.

Men's Initial Cuff Links 1953

Metal Colored Platform
Price: $3.49
Description Glamorous gift. Metal colored kid with rayon satin. Platform scuff, composition sole, two and a half inch heel. Colors are gold with black trim or silver with black trim.

Metal Colored Platform 1953

Price: $3.98
Description As novel a moccasin as you'll see at any pow-wow. Of one piece of velvet-soft glove leather. Light one-piece leather sole runs from the heel to the tip of the toe; cushioned for comfort. Hand-laced, hand-beaded vamp. Colors include Russet glow with cream accents or all black.

Moccasins 1953

Nip n Tuck Box Bag
Price: $3.79
Description Genuine leather, nipped and tucked, then divinely shaped for a beauty of a box bag. Mirror. Rayon lined. About nine inches by four inches in size. Choose from black, medium tan, cherry red or navy.

Nip n Tuck Box Bag 1953

Popular Men's Rings
Price: $8.98 - $29.98
Description Smartly designed rings for men... in beautiful 10K yellow gold. Choose from a variety of styles including ones with simulated ruby, white zircon, genuine black onyx or tiger eye cameo.

Popular Men's Rings 1953

Portrait Heel Nylons
Price: $5.00
Description Glamorous French heel with slenderizing "frame" pays extra complements to her pretty ankles. Full fashioned.

Portrait Heel Nylons 1953

Romeo Slipper
Price: $5.29
Description Settle down and relax in these designed for comfort slippers! Full length cushion insole rests foot on thousands of tiny air bubbles, gives you the utmost in relaxation. Supple kidskin uppers follow every movement of your foot. Stretchy side gores--easy on, easy off--provide snug fit without binding. Back cut high for firm ankle support. Fully lined with smooth leather; increases wear, makes for underfoot ease. Durable, pliant leather soles and tough Gold Bond rubber heels for miles of wear.

Romeo Slipper 1953

Satin Slipper
Price: $1.89
Description Soft, smooth, lustrous. Rayon satin peaked vamp slipper in red, black or royal blue with gold color circle design. Plain platform and padded sole.

Satin Slipper 1953

Sequined Waist Cincher
Price: $1.59
Description Fabulous sequined cincher that's elasticized, held together by cameo-like buckle. Colors are gold or black.

Sequined Waist Clincher 1953

Silent Butler Ash Tray
Price: $1.00
Description To raise eyebrows and stop conversation... a unique, but practical gadget that's a portable ashtray. Glistening gold-plated.

Silent Butler Ash Tray 1953

Slip On Leisure Shoe
Price: $6.95
Description A winning combination of style and top comfort--rich wine-tone slip-on that's ideal for those leisure hours... so good looking with sportswear too! Supple leather uppers styled with the casual touch. Kicker back seam and high front... concealed elastic for snug fit, easy on and off.

Slip On Leisure Shoe 1953

Three Way Boot
Price: $7.98
Description Go dashing through the snow looking your smartest in a boot you wear three ways. Snap the contrasting shearling lamb collar cuddled to your ankle, open or rolled down. Fully lined with fluffy genuine shearling lamb, cozy warm as a feather bed. Non-rip nylon stitching for longer-wear. Colors are brown leather, green leather, or red leather.

Three Way Boot 1953

Twinkling Petal Tie
Price: $2.98
Description Rayon velvet ascot, shapely and graceful as a flower. Christmas-tree-bright with a sprinkling of souffle glitter. Rayon lined. Colors are black or medium red.

Twinkling Petal Tie 1953

Windproof Umbrella
Price: $2.94
Description Women's windproof umbrella with specially constructed metal frame that turns inside out without damage; just turn right side out again. Sixteen rib style with shrink-resistant acetate cover. Assorted plastic handles; matching tips, ferrules. Woven patterns on ground colors of navy, brown or black; or all-over multicolor plaid.

Windproof Umbrella 1953

Zip Top Corde Bag
Price: $9.00
Description The appeal of Corde: its lasting beauty that laughs at seasons of wear. Zip-top. Large outside zip pocket plus two side pockets. Mirror, coin purse. Choose from black, navy or dark brown.

Zip Top Corde Bag 1953