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1952 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1950s

Airfire Thunder Gun
Manufacturer: Newell
Price: $2.98
Description Newell single shot airfire thunder gun with 2-in-1 action. Comes with muzzle compensator that fits on front end of the gun. Walnut finished plastic and aluminum.

Airfire Thunder Gun From The 1950s

Bonny Braids Doll
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $6.98
Description "Bonny Braids"--daughter of Tess and Dick Tracy. Two saran braids can be brushed and waved. She has tooth and tooth brush. Fourteen inch doll in christening dress, cotton slip, panties, and booties.

Bonny Braids Doll From The 1950s

Caterpillar Earthmoving Equipment
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Price: $2.98
Description Caterpillar earthmoving equipment has real working action. Three big pieces in yellow and black: caterpillar scraper, motor grader, and wagon with tractor.

Caterpillar Earthmoving Equipment From The 1950s

Cootie Game
Manufacturer: W.H. Schaper
Price: $1.98
Description "Cootie"--the new all-plastic construction game. Loads of fun for the whole family and it allows children to learn while they play. Comes with four "cooties" and dice for playing the game.

Cootie Game From The 1950s

E-Z-Do Jumbo Playhouse
Price: $2.98 - $6.98
Description Jumbo playhouse. Sets up in a jiffy. Made of gator-hide craftboard and comes in two sizes.

E-Z-Do Jumbo Playhouse From The 1950s

Fix-It Sport Convertible
Price: $2.98
Description Fix-It Sport Convertible with complete kit and repair parts. The most intriguing, educational play toy. Hood and luggage compartment open. Made of heavy plastic.

Fix-It Sport Convertible From The 1950s

Fleet of Action Cars
Price: $2.98
Description Giant fleet of action cars. Twelve cars with automatically operated windshield wipers, taximeters, ambulance bell, etc. All steel with rubber wheels that won't come out. As a child born in the 1950s I like every other boy around the world had a large selection of toy cars .

Fleet of Action Cars From The 1950s

Gilbert Tool Chest
Manufacturer: Gilbert
Price: $8.95
Description Twenty-one high quality tools, scaled for junior carpenters. Can be used for building trellis, clubhouses, and more.

Gilbert Tool Chest From The 1950s

Howdy Doody's TV Game
Price: $1.98
Description Howdy Doody's TV Game--a trip around his television studio. A fun-filled game for 2 to 4 players, 3 to 10 years old. Large 18x18" playing board, miniature of the TV studio.

Howdy Doody's TV Game From The 1950s

Inter-Com Telephone
Price: $9.95
Description Inter-Com telephone set. Two complete telephones, fifty foot conductor wire, ready for operation.

Inter-Com Telephone From The 1950s

Joe Palooka Bop Bag
Price: $2.98 - $4.98
Description The Joe Palooka Bop Bag takes a terrific beating and comes right back for more. Choose from 36" tall or 54" tall Bop Bags.

Joe Palooka Bop Bag From The 1950s

Kiddie Cleaning Set
Price: $2.98
Description Kiddie Cleaning Set like mom's but sized for a small fry. Comes with new "Squeezo" cellulose sponge mop, super jet carpet sweeper, corn broom, plastic apron, yarn hand duster, and pick-up pan.

Kiddie Cleaning Set From The 1950s

Let's Play Mailman
Price: $1.98
Description Let's Play Mailman is a game for boys 4 to 8 years old. Kit contains mailman's cap, bag, whistle, badge, plus paper, post office blanks, and more. Provides hours of constructive play.

Let's Play Mailman From The 1950s

Little Lady Electric Range
Price: $5.95
Description "Little Lady" electric range with utensils and cook book. Tested for EXTRA safety. New clear glass oven window. Separate elements for 4 quick-heat burners and oven. Five necessary utensils. AC or DC cord set attached. Red trim on baked white enamel finish.

Little Lady Electric Range From The 1950s

Marble Maze
Price: $2.98
Description Marble maze, the latest craze and an exciting challenge to young and old. The most interesting game of the year that tests skill and coordination. Two or more can play. Clear pine frame, one piece plastic playing surface. Fool-proof mechanism.

Marble Maze From The 1950s

Mary Hartline TV Circus Princess
Price: $11.98 - $19.98
Description Mary Hartline TV Circus Princess, the prettiest doll in the world! All plastic. Exquisite long blond hair. Dressed in authentic drum majorette TV costume, white boots, baton. Choose from 16-inch or 23-inch doll.

Mary Hartline TV Circus Princess From The 1950s

Mr. Potato Head
Price: $1.00
Description Mr. Potato Head, an unusual education toy, wonderful for young children. Use and fruit or vegetable to create amusing characters by merely changing the plastic features.

Mr. Potato Head From The 1950s

Modern Kitchen Unit Playset
Price: $3.98
Description Modern kitchen unit with refrigerator, dish washer and washing machine combination (holds water), sink with faucet, stove and utensils, broom closet with broom and cleaning supplies, two cabinets with cups, saucers, and more. Made of metal and plastic.

Modern Kitchen Unit Playset From The 1950s

Old Woman of the Lacing Shoe
Manufacturer: Holgate
Price: $3.50
Description Holgate Old Woman of the Lacing Shoe, for two to five year olds. Teaches child to lace own shoes. With two lacers.

Old Woman of the Lacing Shoe From The 1950s

Plastic Peg 'n Pound
Price: $1.98
Description Plastic Peg 'n Pound, a brand new toy for ages one to four--approved by child psychologists. Seven removable, different shaped pegs. Sturdy, safe, interesting.

Plastic Peg 'n Pound From The 1950s

Ring-N-Buzz Switchboard
Price: $8.95
Description The Ring-N-Buzz Switchboard keeps three kids busy! Six plug-ins and it rings and buzzes like real. Comes with two plastic telephones. Mechanically simple.

Ring-N-Buzz Switchboard From The 1950s

Snoopy Sniffer
Price: $2.45
Description The loveable pooch that "woof-woofs" and has a spring tail. Solid wood body, rubber pads, and wood wheels.

Snoopy Sniffer From The 1950s

Suburban Colonial Dollhouse
Price: $3.98
Description Suburban Colonial doll house with attached open patio. Two stories, six rooms. Sturdy sheet metal construction, sturdy plastic furniture. Completely furnished, even to the colorful drapes and rugs in all rooms.

Suburban Colonial Dollhouse From The 1950s

Tom Corbett Space Academy
Price: $5.98
Description Tom Corbett Space Academy, enter the 25th Century. Rocket ships and flying saucers that actually fly. Radar guns that shoot and Space Cadets with removable transparent space helmets, even frogmen! Sturdy steel buildings and plastic people.

Tom Corbett Space Academy From The 1950s

Toni Doll
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $11.95, $13.95, $19.95
Description Toni doll made of all plastic with magic nylon wig that can be shampooed and playwaved. Beautifully dressed. Comes with complete playwave kit. Choose from 14-inch, 16-inch, or 21-inch dolls.

Toni Doll From The 1950s