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1950 Popular Vintage Toys Part Of The 1950s

Lingerie Lou Doll
Lingerie Lou Doll From The 1950s Price: 44 cents
Description "Lingerie Lou" a new miniature doll with removable plastic panties and bra. Shoes embossed and painted on. Movable head and arms with life-like painted facial features.

Vintage Colorful Bead Doll
Colorful Bead Doll From The 1950s Price: 47 cents
Description Made of wooden beads, bright plastic discs and bells.

Cradle Gym Exerciser
Price: $1.83
Description Scientifically planned... not only does it amuse babies but it strengthens their muscles and develop coordination. Spring-suspended, furniture-finish hardwood bar and trapeze, sanitary plastic rings. Use it in the crib, buggy, or playpen.
Cradle Gym Exerciser From The 1950s
Deluxe Junior Steering Wheel
Price: $2.79
Description Every youngster wants to help "drive" daddy's car. This 10-inch molded plastic wheel with rubber shaft lets a child do just that. Has three-position gearshift lever and horn that "beeps." Suction cup holds it firmly to any smooth surface.
Deluxe Junior Steering Wheel From The 1950s

Vintage 50s Deluxe Velocipede
Price: $14.95
Description This sleekly styled velocipede has chrome-plated truss rods and adjustable handlebars. All three wheels have ball bearings, multiple spokes, and semi-pneumatic tires. It also has an adjustable spring saddle, molded rubber top, rubber grips, pedals, front mudguard, rear step plate, and it is enameled in maroon and white.
Deluxe Velocipede From The 1950s
Double Holster Set
Price: $2.82
Description True Western styling in a big, two-gun set that's rarin' for action. Big, 8-in. pistols of die-cast metal look just like the kind that real cowhands carry. This is a great example as Cowboys and Indians Were and Integral
Double Holster From The 1950s

Vintage 1950 Fire Truck
Price: $2.49
Description Wind it up and watch this bright red engine streak across the floor, siren wailing. Fire tower turns and can be raised and lowered with crank. Two 8-in. ladders mount on truck.
Fire Truck From The 1950s
Hammer Bench with Bell
Price: 85 cents
Description Let children bang away to their heart's content. They place bright-colored pegs in metal-bound top hole, then pound with wooden mallet. Bell rings as pegs fall through.
Hammer Bench with Bell From The 1950s

Happi-Time Camera
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $1.59
Description Just center the subject in the viewfinder and snap the shutter to take a picture. Takes 12 pictures on standard 127 film.

Happi-Time Camera From The 1950s
Happi-Time Doll
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $7.98
Description The Happi-Time doll is dressed in only a diaper and knit shirt. But she's ready for visiting in a jiffy, because she has her own complete layette, carrying case, and nursing bottle. Layette includes: sheer cotton dress, bonnet, slip, 2 diapers, rayon socks, imitation leather shoes, 4 safety pins, 6 clothes pins, plastic plate and spoon and 3 powder puffs. Doll drinks, wets, and sleeps. Eyes close and have real lashes.
Happi-Time Doll From The 1950s

Happi-Time Doll Buggy
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $5.19
Description Features include 3-bow folding hood with sunshade, foot brake, and aluminum-finish undergear.

Happi-Time Doll Buggy From The 1950s
Happi-Time Gym Set with "Glide-Ride"
Manufacturer: Happi-Time
Price: $37.95
Description "Glide-Ride" is great fun, seats remain level as it glides back and forth like a swing. Either one or two children can use glide-ride with no outside pushing needed. Set also has one swing with non-tilt wooden seat, one pair steel trapeze rings with rubber grips, one trapeze bar made of tubular steel, and two chinning bars of tubular steel.
Happi-Time Gym Set From The 1950s

Honey Bear
Price: $1.79
Description 13-inch Honey Bear has squeaker tail, coat of cotton-backed rayon plush, bright eyes, plastic nose, and felt tongue.

Honey Bear From The 1950s
Honeymoon Express with Airplane
Price: 94 cents
Description Fascinating entertainment for little folks. Train speeds around through tunnels and over bridge. Airplane circles overhead.

Honeymoon Express From The 1950s

Juggle Head
Price: $1.79
Description The man with many faces, and each one you put on will rock the whole family with laughter. Stimulating and creative fun for youngsters. Twenty colored plastic features attach magnetically to the molded plastic head. Put them together in any combination.

Juggle Head From The 1950s
Keystone Projector
Manufacturer: Keystone
Price: $15.69
Description This projector has cool, bright illumination, easy loading, and motor driven rewind.

Keystone Projector From The 1950s

Kitchen Cabinet
Price: $1.82
Description Top and base each have two doors which open to reveal shelves stocked with play packages. Steel enameled ivory-color with red door-pulls and trim.

Kitchen Cabinet From The 1950s
1950 Adding Machine
Price: $1.62
Description Youngsters love it for playing store. Accurate and dependable enough to take the headaches out of addition for older people, too. Older children can use it to solve homework addition problems. Even Mom finds it useful for her household accounts. Takes four column figures, adds up to 9,999.
Adding Machine From The 1950s

Magnetic Target Game
Price: 89 cents
Description Youngster can play game by himself or with another child. Put magnetic dart in "rocket launcher", pull back spring and release to send dart zooming up. Catch dart as close as possible to bullseye on the target.

Magnetic Target Game From The 1950s
Moving Van
Price: 89 cents
Description Styled like the fast-moving trucks you see along the highway. All-metal, finished in bright baked-on enamel. Has dummy radiator, lights, and bumper.

Moving Van From The 1950s

Pedal Wagon
Price: $13.25
Description The steel wagon box has plenty of room for packages, toys, and more. Has a rail around three sides and is on a sturdy welded tubular steel frame. Enameled in red and white.

Pedal Wagon From The 1950s
Rider Locomotive
Price: $3.79
Description Top of cab makes fine seat and crossbar handle makes for easy steering. Engine and tender made of heavy-gauge steel with baked on enamel finish.

Rider Locomotive From The 1950s

Tinker Toys
Price: $1.79
Description Make hundreds of toys that operate either by wind or hand power. Smooth-sanded white birch pieces fit together without bolts or screws. Use the pieces over and over to create new playthings. Comes with 164 pieces.

Tinker Toys From The 1950s
Price: $2.69
Description Six keys for right hand (melody side) play one and a half octaves (12 reeds). Bass key for left hand plays six notes for rhythm accompaniment.

Play Concertina From The 1950s

Toy Phonograph
Price: $6.85
Description This sleek model in tear-drop shape is easy to operate and sturdy. Has a self-starting electric motor with on/off switch and is sturdy built in an all metal case.

Phonograph From The 1950s