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Bandit Blouse
Price: $4.98
Description Bandit blouse in rayon tissue faille, ties in huge bow or wraps around with sash ends. Slightly stiff flaring collar and cuffs. Colors include navy blue, white or gold.

Bandit Blouse 1950

Black Rayon Velvet Dress
Price: $12.98
Description Beautiful black rayon velvet, soft and lustrous... an elegant, romantic dress for the most important occasions. Queen collar with heavy white cotton lace all around; pointed bodice and full skirt in front and back. Fabric bows, loops and buttons.

Black Rayon Velvet Dress 1950

Bow Knot Applique Housecoat
Bow Knot Applique House Coat 1950 Price: $2.98
Description Bow Knot Applique housecoat made of washable cotton floral print. Has an 18-inch zipper in front, Mandarin collar, applique bow and piping of solid color. Colors include blue or rose.

Boxy Fashion Tailored Coat
Boxy Fashion Tailored Coat 1950 Price: $36.95
Description Zip body lining is one hundred percent wool alpaca face on cotton back. Coat is rich full-bodied all virgin wool covert--smooth, supple, easy-draping. Boxy fashioned tailored style with comfortable fullness across chest. Has a fly front and fine inner construction with taped edges. Sleeves are lined and the body is half-lined with rayon. Colors include medium gray, medium brown or covert tan.

Cablestitch Sweater Coat
Price: $5.95
Description Here's knitcraft as you like it. Full bodied, rich textured wool--with craftsmanship so masterful that it actually looks hand knit. It's expensive in everything but price... ruggedly handsome, downy-soft, cheerfully warm. Artfully tailored to give you precise fit, non-bind comfort. Fabric is tough and long-wearing. Neat ribbed bottom and cuffs for snugness, extra style and wear. Colors include camel tan or gray.

Cable Stitch Sweater Coat 1950

Cavalry Twill Pants
Price: $3.98 - $7.98
Description Man tailored in two kinds of durable cavalry twill. Two button top pockets, five western-style belt loops. Waistline firmly interlined. Has zipper placket and chamois-lined crotch. Bartacked at points of strain. Back outlet for alteration. Sanforized cotton comes in brown, tan or black and cost $3.98. Worsted and cotton comes in tan or black and cost $7.98.

Cavalry Twill Pants 1950

Chevron Tuck Shirt
Price: $3.59
Description Chevron tucks point down the front of this fine rayon crepe blouse. Even the little collar is pin tucked. It looks costly but is priced low. Colors include white, beige or pink.

Chevron Tuck Shirt 1950

Corduroy Slacks
Price: $6.75
Description Fine quality narrow pinwale corduroy. Luxurious finish. High-rise, "continuous" waist. Fashion tailored with iridescent rayon inside waistband lining. Full pleats. Waldes zipper. No belt. Colors include green, maroon or gray.

Corduroy Slacks 1950

Deep Color Shirt with Dickey
Price: $2.98
Description Famous dress shirt with a snowy white pique dickey. It has French cuffs and detachable tab at the two-way neckline. Cuff links. Colors include navy, emerald green or tangerine.

Deep Color Shirt with Dickey 1950

Denim Pipestem Pants
Price: $3.98
Description Sanforized denim with snug fitting legs. Pants have two pockets with pearl snaps and a chamois-lined crotch. There are five western-type belt loops and a zipper. Comes in navy blue.

Denim Pipestem Pants 1950

Dolman Sleeve Dress
Dolman Sleeve Dress 1950 Price: $3.49
Description Dolman-sleeve dress combines solid color with soft ombre stripes (shaded from light to dark). Buttons to the waist, has well-cut four gore skirt and self-tie sash. Colors include light blue shaded to navy or gray shaded to black.

Donegal Tweed Slacks
Donegal Tweed Slacks 1950 Price: $6.95
Description You'll like the staunch feel of the all wool fabric, the distinctive nubby flecks of color. Fashion tailored for dress or leisure wear. High-rise, "continuous" waist. Full double pleats and waldes zipper. Colors come in medium brown or blue-gray.

Elastic Waist Dress
Elastic Waist Dress 1950 Price: $2.79
Description Elastic midriff for good fit, an unusually gay novelty stripe print. Navy blue neckline ruffle and wide band around skirt. Elastic at puff sleeves. Color combinations include navy and red or navy and lime green.

Fur Trimmed Coat
Fur Trimmed Coat 1950 Price: $52.50
Description Body lining of deep alpaca pile. Rich, dark brown collar of the finest mouton lamb hugs the neck and pulls up over the ears. Cravenette treated for water repellency. Has a three piece detachable belt. Sleeves are interlined with reprocessed wool; quilted rayon lining cover.

Gaucho Style Shirt
Price: $2.98 (2 for $5.85)
Description Flat knit cotton, double fleeced inside. Gaucho type neck, button closure. Dyed crew stripe dickey adds style and warmth. Washable separately. Double sewn seams. Set-in sleeves. Ribbed cuffs and waist. Colors are hunter green with gray trim or navy blue with red trim.

Gaucho Style Shirt 1950

Hooded Flare Back Coat
Price: $18.98 - $26.98
Description A style that never grows old, tailored to keep its crisp, neat look. Back swings softly from a curved yoke. Self-lined hood is detachable. Colors include dark green, medium gray and maroon wine. Made of wool broadcloth ($26.98), wool covert ($22.98) or fine wool monotone ($18.98).

Hooded Flare Back Coat 1950

Marquisette Taffeta Gown
Marquisette Taffeta Gown 1950 Price: $12.98
Description Marquisette and taffeta make a glamorous gown for a wedding or a big party. Bodice yoke and full skirt are marquisette. The rest of the dress, slip-on gloves and attached underskirt are rayon taffeta. Tucks go all around bodice and skirt. Colors include flame red, aqua blue, rose pink and white.

Menswear Suiting with Leopard Trim
Menswear Suiting with Leopard Trim 1950 Price: $8.98
Description Menswear suiting made of fine, wrinkle-resistant rayon with leopard-like fabric trim. Jacket has shoulder flanges, smooth fitting back peplum, fabric buttons. Slim skirt has gored back. Colors include bright green, cocoa brown or black.

Moire Taffeta Jacket Dress
Moire Taffeta Jacket Dress 1950 Price: $6.29
Description Moire taffeta, lovely self-patterned rayon in a versatile easy-to-wear suitdress. Jacket has shoulder flanges, front pleated peplum and gold-color metal buttons. Slim skirt has three-gore back. Colors include black, dark brown and dark green.

Multi-Color Pleated Skirt
Multi-Color Pleated Skirt 1950 Price: $6.98
Description All wool multicolor stripes with the smartest of knife pleats all around. The stripes are wide, the pleats are narrow, giving wonderful varying color at every movement. Zipper placket. Colors include rust, brown, and gold or navy, copen blue and red.

Novelty Sweater
Price: $1.94 - $2.94
Description Beautiful simulated cable stitch in pretty allover design gives a fine, soft handmade look. Fitted style with slim waist; closely ribbed cuffs and bottom. Snug-fitting, firm-ribbed crew neckline lies flat and smooth. Choose from nylon ($2.94) in lime green, white or cherry red or wool ($1.94) in lilac, white or aqua.

Novelty Sweater 1950

Raschel Knit Sweater
Price: $2.95 - $4.95
Description New Raschel knit with a zig-zag pattern, elastic bottom, in long sleeves or sleeveless. Rich with bright, cheerful colors that add spark to a brilliant design. Fabric has just enough "spring" to fit you smoothly without bulk or bind.

Raschel Knit Sweater 1950

Paisley Print Dress
Paisley Print Dress 1950 Price: $6.49
Description Rayon crepe that washes. A beautiful paisley print dress with a slenderizing surplice bodice, front peplum, softly flared six gore skirt. Comes with plastic belt. Colors include fuchsia, gold and turquoise blue or turquoise blue, gold and cocoa brown.

Polka Dot Rayon Crepe Dress
Polka Dot Rayon Crepe Dress 1950 Price: $7.98
Description Fine rayon crepe top in gold or red with black polka dots, black skirt of rayon tissue faille. One-piece dress with cummerbund belt; stitched pleats in skirt front, one gore back with darts for smooth fit.

Rayon Alpaca Surplice Dress
Rayon Alpaca Surplice Dress 1950 Price: $7.98
Description The best rayon alpaca in a slenderizing surplice dress. Softly draped bodice with folds at the shoulders; softly flared peplum all around. Slit two-gore skirt front, three-gore back. Handsome buckle of gold-color embossed metal. Colors include black, deep green or taupe brown.

Rayon Taffeta Check Dress
Rayon Taffeta Check Dress 1950 Price: $5.98
Description Rayon taffeta with woven checks. Smooth fitting bodice, flaring four-gore bias skirt, big pockets. Belt of fabric and suede-like plastic. Colors include Black and white, brown and gold or turquoise blue and black.

Scalloped Jacket Blouse
Price: $3.98
Description This becoming scalloped jacket blouse features a peplum all around. The fine rayon crepe is hand washable. Colors include pink, white or yellow.

Scalloped Jacket Blouse 1950

Sharkskin Fabric Suit
Price: $36.95
Description Two different suits featured in the sharkskin fabric. The semi-drape single-breasted model is easy-fitting with athletic looking lines and the semi-drape double-breasted model is broad-shouldered with a slim-hipped style. Colors include medium blue, medium gray and medium brown.

Sharkskin Fabric Suit 1950

Shell Shaped Pocket Skirt
Price: $5.98
Description Shell shaped pockets on smart new colored wool tweed flecked with contrasting color. Pockets point sharply at side with self-covered buttons. Button-trimmed pleat each side. Zipper in back. Colors include dark green and red or gold and green.

Shell Shaped Pocket Skirt 1950

Silver Fox Jacket
Price: $167.40
Description Fashion and glamour are yours for a little money in this handsome fur, lavished with silver highlights. Choice skins, expertly worked to enhance the full, natural beauty of fur, especially in the clever collar-effect. Sleeves unsnap..can be worn as cape or jacket. Rayon satin lining, under sleeves and sides.

Silver Fox Jacket 1950

Smart Print Mandarin Collar Dress
Smart Print Mandarin Collar Dress 1950 Price: $3.29
Description Spun rayon with smart print. Mandarin collar, unpressed pleats all around the skirt. Colors include gray with bright green, turquoise blue with brown, or navy blue with rose.

Sport Coat and Slacks
Sport Coat and Slacks 1950 Price: $19.95 - $27.50
Description Corduroy sport coat and part worsted gabardine slacks ($19.95 for two piece set). Colors for sport coat are maroon, gray or green and colors for slacks are gray, medium blue and brown. Wool houndstooth check sport coat and all wool worsted gabardine slacks ($27.50 for two piece set). Houndstooth check sport coat colors include gray-blue or tan and slacks come in blue or brown.

Striped Pullover
Price: $1.94
Description Gay, glowing colors across your shoulders! Brief and bright alone; gives a jumper effect over blouses. Comfy under suits. New worsted wool is luxuriously soft and warm, long-wearing--each yarn tightly twisted. Ribbed waist and crew neck. Colors include yellow with medium brown, light green with kelly green or white with cherry red.

Striped Pullover 1950

Two Tone Campus Style Jacket
Price: $11.50
Description Insulated to keep warm. Heat-holding 24-ounce reprocessed wool, fully lined with rayon quilted to deep cotton inner lining. Snug elastic waist insert; front belt. Zip front, two slash pockets. Colors come in gray front with maroon back and trim or gray front with blue back and trim.

Two Tone Campus Style Jacket 1950

Wool Blouse Plaid Jacket
Price: $11.45
Description Deep inner lining seals warmth in. Water repellent furry pile collar. Deep-down warmth where it counts. Draft-free zip front plus knit bottom and cuffs. Two slash pockets. Colors come in gold and brown plaid with gold lining or gray plaid with maroon lining.

Wool Blouse Plaid Jacket 1950