1928 Mens and Womens Fashion Clothing From The 1920s

Any Hour Taffeta Dress
Any Hour Taffeta Dress 1928 Price: $1.98
Description This is one of the prettiest Any Hour Dresses--a model of fine cotton vanity taffeta, navy, with fancy design. Has pleats in skirt, two pockets, roll collar and vestee. Trimmed with plain harmonizing color. Narrow tie girdle. A lovely frock for little money.

Blue Chinchilla Overcoat
Blue Chinchilla Overcoat 1928 Price: $35.00
Description The quality and workmanship in this dandy-looking double-breasted all-wool blue chinchilla is quickly recognized. It is a very smart-looking ulster with belted back, cuffs on sleeves, flap patch pockets and convertible storm collar. Shoulders and sleeves lined with a sturdy wearing art satin, the body fully lined with plush for extra warmth. No further proof is necessary of the value you receive in this coat.

Crepe Back Satin Dress
Crepe Back Satin Dress 1928 Price: $11.50
Description Fashionable style and beautiful material combine to make this one of our loveliest dresses for the small woman. It is made of crepe-back satin, the satin side out, and for trimming it uses the reverse or crepe side. One long scarf-end hangs from the right shoulder. The inset yoke at the neckline and again at the waistline, the narrow cuffs, the insets in the sleeves and in the scarf, are of the reverse side of the satin. Fancy buttons trim front of bodice. Cluster of flowers on the left shoulder.

Crepe De Chine Dress
Crepe De Chine Dress 1928 Price: $8.95
Description A delightfully smart frock for dressy wear, made of silk crepe-de-chine. Collar and sleeves of contrasting colored georgette. Collar and skirt trimmed with pleated ribbon rouchings. Pin-tucked sleeves finished with silk cuff. Bodice pin-tucked above the waistline. Skirt-front shirred below the waistline. Sash has buckle in front and ties at back.

Diagonal Effect Dress
Diagonal Effect Dress 1928 Price: $5.98
Description The new one-sided diagonal effect in trimming, now used for the smartest imported models, is a feature of this charming dress of silk crepe-de-chine. V-neckline bound with self-material, ending in bow and a long streamer at one side. Same diagonal line repeated in gathered flounce on front of skirt. Sleeves shirred to narrow cuff. Narrow all-around sash tied at back. Colors come in empire blue, rosewood, or navy.

Donegal Tweed Dress
Donegal Tweed Dress 1928 Price: $4.95
Description Here is a smart tailored dress that will laugh at hard wear. It is made of Donegal tweed in a wool and cotton mixture. The bodice has a jacket-like front piped with black. The collar is of velveteen in a contrasting shade and is banded with the tweed. Vestee is also of the velveteen. Stitched cuffs on the sleeves. Belt runs through buckle in front. Skirt shows two side pleats at the front. Back is plain with tie sash. Truly remarkable value at this special price.

Double Breasted Brown Tweed Suit
Double Breasted Brown Tweed Suit 1928 Price: $22.50
Description A stylish double-breasted English imported brown tweed, beautifully tailored from one of the season's newest English weaves, showing a slight herringbone with a faint stripe. Coat is fashionably cut with wide peak roll lapels. Regular style vest cut medium high. Well shaped trousers tailored regulation leg width and finished with standard pockets, belt loops and cuff bottoms.

Fancy Fur Coat
Fancy Fur Coat 1928 Price: $32.50
Description Fur fabric coats, such as this one, are enjoying a lively popularity among well-dressed women everywhere. They give you much of the rich luxurious appearance and genuine warmth of real fur--for a very moderate price. This coat is of heavy fancy fur fabric in lustrous finish. The long shawl collar and deep cuffs are of mandel fur, dyed like Silver fitch. Smart flower on the collar gives a bright dash of color. Fancy silk mixture lining. Full flannelette interlining. Inside pocket and ties. You will go far before finding beautiful quality like this for such a low price.

Fancy Pattern Sweater
Price: $3.89
Description This style of sweater is a favorite with all women--a pure wool garment with v-neck and two patch pockets. Knitted in fancy design, sand with powder blue. Just the sweater for the fall season or for wear under a coat in winter.

Fancy Pattern Sweater 1928

Flannel Velour Polkadot Dress
Price: $5.25
Description An extraordinarily low price for as smart a dress as this. The material is all-wool flannel velour. Collar, flowing tie, cuffs and belt-flaps, are very new. Pintucks and pearl buttons trim the front of the bodice. Skirt side-pleated across the front. Sash has buckle and ties at back. A splendid dress for the colder weather. Colors come in new green, powder blue, or navy.

Flannel Velour Polkadot Dress 1928

Flowered Silk Pongee Dress
Price: $2.98
Description Attractive dress of fancy silk-finished pongee in pretty flowered pattern on black ground. Narrow bands around the neckline, at bottom of sleeves and at waistline, are of plain black. Scarf-ends of black collar are trimmed with the fancy pongee. Skirt pleated in front. Self sash at back. You won't be disappointed in the service this dress will give.

Flowered Silk Pongee Dress 1928

Men's Pullover Sweater
Price: $3.98
Description Men's smart pullover sweater in a lovely shade of gray with contrasting colors. V-neck style, with plain-color trimming. Knitted from the best all-wool yarns. Warm and serviceable as well as one of the greatest favorites.

Men's Pullover Sweater 1928

Pencil Stripe Dress
Price: $6.95
Description Misses' and women's tailored dress of all-wool flannel in the popular pencil stripe. Turned-back folds on bodice, and box-pleat in skirt, piped with black satinette. Over-collar and vestee of white broadcloth piped with black. Belt has buckle in front, ties at back. Colors come in navy or black.

Pencil Stripe Dress 1928

Rough Wear Breeches
Price: $3.75
Description These breeches will stand the hardest of wear and rough usage. Strongly made from durable olive khaki English whipcord--well known for its wearing qualities. Cut full with usual pockets, belt loops and laced at the knee. Ideal for the man working outdoors.

Roughwear Breeches 1928

Sleeveless Wool Vests
Price: $1.69
Description Comfortable all-wool vests for wear under a coat. Pullover style, sleeveless and with v-neck. Fancy stripes, or plain with contrasting trimming. Colors come in camel, royal and scarlet or brown trimmed with camel.

Sleeveless Wool Vests 1928

Throw Scarf Coat
Throw Scarf Coat 1928 Price: $23.75
Description This all-wool duvetyn velour coat for misses shows the new throw scarf--there is nothing smarter in winter coats than this. The flaring scarf, stitched silk silk, gives a graceful cape effect. The crush collar and double band cuffs are of caracul fur--brown shade on the toast brown; gray shade on the ensign blue. Lined with silk mixture brocade. Fully interlined with flannelette. Has inside pocket and ties. A decidedly low price for a coat of this quality.

Tweed Two Pant Suit
Tweed Two Pant Suit 1928 Price: $19.50
Description You will always feel well dressed in this distinctive, good-wearing dark Lovat tweed. Conservatively cut, suitable for business or dress wear. Coat is single-breasted with deep roll notch lapels, snug-fitting collar, usual pockets and well lined throughout. Trouser legs are cut medium wide with five pockets, belt loops and cuff bottoms. Moderately priced for the man who wishes to save on his clothes still be well dressed.

V-neck Windbreaker
Price: $3.98
Description Any woman will like this windbreaker sweater--one of the most attractive of the new styles. Pure wool, in an effective combination of powder blue with fancy colors. Made with v-neck, two patch pockets, close-fitting cuffs, and a deep band at the bottom. The best value in a comfortable and durable garment.

V-neck Windbreaker 1928

Wool Broadcloth Coat
Wool Broadcloth Coat 1928 Price: $41.95
Description Imported all-wool broadcloth was selected for this beautiful coat for misses and women. Animal-style shawl collar and pointed cuffs of opossum fur--blue fox shade on the navy and the taupe; sable shade on the black. Reverse insets and fine tucks trim back, front and sleeves. Saddle shoulders. Silk mixture brocade lining. Flannelette interlining. Extra chamoisette waist lining for warmth and comfort.

Wool Plaid Flannel Shirt
Price: $2.29
Description These work shirts are comfortably warm, extremely durable, roomy and well made. They are of heavy wool plaid flannel in assorted dark color mixtures. Have attached collar and one pocket. Recommended for extra hard wear.

Wool Plaid Flannel Shirt 1928