1927 Mens and Womens Fashion Clothing From The 1920s

Alligator Pattern Slicker
Alligator Pattern Slicker 1927 Price: $5.98
Description Latest style raincoat adapted in a fashionable, alligator pattern, rubber surfaced fabric which is guaranteed absolutely waterproof. Model is cut on straight, loose lines; and has a swagger, buckle adjusted belt. All the seams are cemented; the armholes and shoulders reinforced. Choose from green, blue, or red.

All Silk Georgette Crepe Dress
All Silk Georgette Crepe Dress 1927 Price: $15.00
Description Fine quality All Silk Georgette Crepe. Harmonizing all silk Crepe de Chine slip, a smart kerchief drape at the front and back of the blouse; petal panels on the skirt; a self flower ornament and rhinestone buckle. Choose from navy blue or rose beige colors.

Black Dog Fur Coat
Black Dog Fur Coat 1927 Price: $37.50
Description Fur! It was man's first protection from the elements and today, more than ever before, its superiority is recognized everywhere. Made of fine black dog fur. Has body lining of all wool blanket cloth and is lined in yoke and sleeves with Venetian. Has double knit wristlets, firmly sewed loops and olives, and a huge collar that can be fastened snugly around the neck. Small vent in the back.

Brown Baltic Beaver Fur Coat
Brown Baltic Beaver Fur 1927 Price: $29.50
Description You will delight in beauty and luxurious effect of this stunning New York model, with its deep gauntlet cuffs and novel shape collar of rich Brown Baltic Beaver Fur (clipped and dyed coney). Smartly fashioned of fine quality winterweight All Wood Suede Velour. The sides of the model show interesting panel treatments, with tailored tucks, novelty rayon embroidery and ornaments of self material. Choose from cranberry or brown colors.

Clover Leaf Lapel Suit
Clover Leaf Lapel Suit 1927 Price: $16.75
Description Broad shoulders without being top heavy; trim waist and snug fit at the hips without being uncomfortable; "clover leaf" lapels, new and distinctive--that describes in a few words just what this brand new style is. Choose from fancy striped dark blue or fancy striped slate gray.

Diamond Weave Suit
Diamond Weave Suit 1927 Price: $17.95
Description Most men look well in a double breasted coat--a slender man particularly so. This model is stylish in cut and is made well. Has wide lapels, slightly fitting waist and square shoulders. The diamond weave holds its popularity for both business and dress wear, because this unusual swagger pattern has an appeal to older men as well as young men. The fabric is pure all wool worsted, hard finished and will give extra good service. The color is dark blue--and don't forget that dark blue is very fashionable. The coat is full alpaca lined. Cuff bottom trousers. Regular vest.

Fancy Sport Blouse
Price: $1.98
Description This attractive pattern of this cricket neck style knitted sport blouse, gives it a strikingly smart effect. Made of half wool worsted yarn, balance of cotton and rayon. Comes in a tan and blue combination.

Fancy Sport Blouse 1927

Flat Crepe Dress
Flat Crepe Dress 1927 Price: $11.75
Description New and stunning model, adapted in lovely All Silk Flat Crepe. Has chic kerchief collar; box pleated skirt; hand embroidered motif on bodice, and smart contrasting silk Crepe trimming. Colors come in Dahlia (Dark Orchid), Queen Blue, and Black.

Jacquard Crepe Dress
Jacquard Crepe Dress 1927 Price: $7.98
Description It is very inexpensive--only $7.98--yet it will give splendid service and please in every way, because the fabric is durable and attractive, while the style of the dress is smart and becoming. Adapted in Fancy Half Wool Jacquard Crepe, the garment is cut on slenderizing lines, and has trimming of harmonizing color plain half wool crepe, novelty bone buttons and a metal buckle.

Knitted Sport Blouse
Knitted Sport Blouse 1927 Price: $3.50
Description Pullover knitted sport blouse of rich Navajo coloring and attractive pattern. Made of soft All Wool Worsted Yarn and lustrous Rayon. Colors include tan, blue, and red combination or powder blue, brown, and tan combination.

Pencil Striped Suit
Pencil Striped Suit 1927 Price: $11.45
Description A blue pencil striped double breasted at a new low price. Suits in this popular pattern are usually sold for much more. Prudent and wise buying enables us to offer this splendid cassimere (half wool) suit at a big saving to you. The cloth is closely woven and sure to give the wear that you will expect. Handsome pattern with pencil stripes. Regular vest and wide cuff bottom trousers. It's a smart model for little money.

Plaid Jacket with Tweed Knickers
Plaid Jacket and Tweed Knickers 1927 Price: $2.98 - $4.95
Description Tailored knickers in your choice of fine quality all wool tweed or sturdy Hill's Khaki Jean cloth. All wool plaid flannel, lumberjack style sport blouse, convertible collar, cuffs, hip band and trimmings of all wool worsted yarn.

Rayon Day Time Frock
Rayon Day Time Frock 1927 Price: $2.98
Description Two-piece effect frock of pleasing appearance and practical qualities; adapted in well wearing lustrous sheen, Fancy Figured Rayon. Has attractive adornment of solid color Rayon cloth. The skirt is smartly pleated at the front and the garment is finished with a buckle adjusted belt. Choose from Tan and Green or Copenhagen Blue and Tan.

Satin Dress
Satin Dress 1927 Price: $14.75
Description This stunning "BETTERMADE" frock is skillfully fashioned of All Silk Crepe Satin, and the designer cleverly used the shimmering lustrous as well as the dull crepe side of the fabric. The frock gains additional chic by having pleat inserts, a graceful jabot frill and trimmings of contrasting color silk crepe and novelty triple loop ornament. Comes in black with rose beige trimming.

Shaker Knit Sweater
Price: $7.45
Description Women's double body all wool extra warm Shaker sweater. Smartly trimmed with contrasting color. The body is lined with all wool worsted striped jersey to match. A practical sweater from every angle--comfortable, trim, stylish and economical! An elastic reinforcement across the shoulders provides both extra give and sturdy strength. Holds its shape and serves faithfully for years. The tight knit cuffs and double body keep out cold winds. Knit of good quality is all wool yarns, and is hand finished throughout. Choose from buff with blue trim or red with buff trim.

Shaker Knit Sweater 1927

Silk Striped Cherilaine Dress
Silk Striped Cherilaine Dress 1927 Price: $17.98
Description Three-piece suit dress. Box jacket and skirt of silk striped all wool cherilaine; separate blouse of all silk flat crepe. Tie and kerchief of printed all silk crepe. Skirt is attached to a Seco bodice lining. Choose from briar rose or light navy blue for colors.

Smart Sport Coat
Smart Sport Coat 1927 Price: $26.75
Description Of new fashion importance are the coats of fancy fabrics and no longer are they limited to sport wear only, for with rich fur trimmings and clever styling they now look dressy and are considered suitable for almost any occasion. Their swagger effect is well illustrated in this attractive model which was especially designed for little women. This coat chooses a lovely tapestry weave all wool sport fabric of extra fine quality for its development--a fabric of warm winter weight and guaranteed durability.

Striped Dress
Striped Dress 1927 Price: $12.75
Description This New York model is indicative of the splendid features that make our "BETTERMADE" frocks distinctive and desirable. Made of silk striped all wool repp in the latest coat effect, with a detachable vestee and cuffs of washable white silk crepe, it fastens down the front with bone buttons and has flower boutonniere. Comes in navy blue with white stripes.

Wool Mackinaw Coat
Price: $8.95
Description It's the kind that makes you think of frosted trails through the forest, of timber to be cut, and the satisfaction of being comfortably warm while in the open. It's an outdoor coat, all right, and a mighty good one! Made of fine all wool mackinaw cloth in a handsome maroon, brown and blue plaid. All seams securely sewed and all edges are neatly piped. Made in the double breasted style illustrated, with large shawl style collar that can be buttoned close to the neck, belt all around, one roomy breast pocket and two large lower pockets with flaps.

Wool Mackinaw Coat 1927

Wool Suede Velour Coat
Wool Suede Velour Coat 1927 Price: $35.00
Description This beautiful coat is made as Paris makes them this season--elaborately fur trimmed and boasting smart tailored tucking. Adapted in fine quality warm winterweight All Wool Suede Velour, on swagger straight lines, showing a full length shawl collar and deep cuffs of rich silky haired, selected grade gray Mouflon Fur. It is expertly tailored, heavily interlined and lined throughout with guaranteed Satin de Chine. Typical of the best New York models.