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What Events Happened in 1927

United States -- Holland Tunnel
  • The Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River opens on November 13th connecting New York City with Jersey.
More Information and Timeline For Holland Tunnel
1. Tunnel consists of a pair of tubes, each providing two lanes.
2. Tunnel Connects New Jersey to New York City.
3. Tunnel Length approximately 2.55 miles Long.
4. Current Toll for a car is $8.00 for New Jersey to New York ( Mar. 2011 ).
5. Construction began at the corner of Canal Street and West Street March 31, 1922.
5. Holland Tunnel Opens on November 13th, 1927.
6. Named After Project Chief Engineer Clifford Milburn Holland.

United States -- Spirit of St. Louis
  • Charles Lindbergh flies The Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic nonstop and solo, direct from New York City to Paris, as the first solo transatlantic flight.
More Information and Timeline For Charles Lindbergh and Spirit of St. Louis Flight
1. French-born New York Hotel Owner Raymond Orteig offers $25,000 Orteig Prize.
2. First successful nonstop flight made in either direction between NYC and Paris.
3. Six aviators lost their lives in pursuit of the Orteig Prize Prior To Lindbergh.
4. Charles Lindbergh's Plane was "The Spirit of St. Louis" built by Ryan Aeronautical Company.
5. The plane was a fabric covered, single-seat, single-engine "Ryan NYP" high wing monoplane.
5. Lindbergh took off in The Spirit of St. Louis from Roosevelt Airfield, Long Island, New York 6:52 AM EST on May 20th .
6. Arrives Le Bourget Aerodrome, Paris after 33 hours, 29 minutes 5:22 PM EST, May 21st,
The feat of Charles Lindbergh was even more remarkable when you realize that 1 in every 2 pilots who attempted crossing the Atlantic was killed during the attempt. Governments around the world were looking at some form of Pilots License being implemented.

United States -- The Jazz Singer
  • The Jazz Singer opens October 6th and becomes a huge success, marking the end of the silent film era.
More Information for The Jazz Singer.
The first film to feature synchronized dialogue, “The Jazz Singer,” debuts in New York City during October of 1927. The movie features Al Jolson, a popular Broadway performer and singer, in the lead role of “Jack Robin.” The story focuses on Robin’s struggles with his cultural identity while pursuing a career in entertainment. The film is credited with ushering in the age of “Talkies” as silent films became less popular and technology advanced. It is also ranked as one of the most notable American films.

China -- Xining Earthquake
  • Earthquake measuring 8.6 on Richter scale strikes Xining, China killing 200,000
More Information and Timeline For Xining Earthquake
1. Earthquake Measuring 8.6 on Richter scale strikes Xining on May 22nd,
2. Lives Lost exceeded 200,000 making it one of the ten most deadly earthquakes in history.

United States -- Mount Rushmore
  • Work begins on Mount Rushmore.
More Information and Timeline For Mount Rushmore
1. Sculpture of 4 U.S. Presidents carved into Mount Rushmore.
2. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln
3. Mount Rushmore is composed of smooth, fine-grained granite.
4. Work Began On October 4th ,
5. Work Completed on October 31st, 1941.

Russia -- Josef Stalin takes control
  • Leon Trotsky is expelled from the Communist Party and Josef Stalin takes control.
More Information and Timeline For Leon Trotsky
1. Trotsky was one of the leaders of the Russian October Revolution (1917).
2. Commissar for Foreign Affairs and Brest-Litovsk (1917 to 1918).
3. Trotsky expelled from the Communist Party and Josef Stalin takes control (1927).
4. Trotsky was deported from the Soviet Union in February 1929.
5. Taken in by Mexico in 1937.
6. Wrote a number of books while in exile criticizing Stalinism.
7. Assassinated in Mexico, by Ramón Mercader, a Soviet agent March 13th, 1940.

United States -- Great Mississippi Flood
  • The Great Mississippi Flood affects 700,000 people in the greatest national disaster in US history.
More Information and Timeline For Great Mississippi Flood
1. Heavy Rain began in the late summer, a year before in 1926.
2. On April 15th, 15 inches of rain fell in 18 hours.
3. April 15th, the Mississippi River broke out of its levee system at 145 locations.
4. Water flooded an area of twenty-seven thousand square miles.
5. States affected included AR, IL, KY, LA, MS, MO, TN, TX, OK and KS.
6. Worst affected was Arkansas, 14% of the state was flooded.
7. Following the disaster the Flood Control Act of 1928 created the world's longest system of levees.

United States -- Columbine Mine
  • Striking miners from the Columbine Mine are massacred with machine gun fire at Serene.
More Information and Timeline For Columbine Mine Massacre
1. Columbine Mine is in Serene, Colorado.
2. Miners Began Strike 5 weeks earlier at coal mines in the state of Colorado.
3. Strikers and their wives arrive at the north gate on November 21st on route to the town for a morning rally.
4. The Head of the Colorado Rangers, Louis Scherf tells strikers are not allowed into town.
5. Strike leader Adam Bell stepped forward and asked that the gate be unlocked.
6. When the gate was kept locked, the miners forced their way through the wooden gate.
7. Miners are fired on by machine guns leaving six strikers dead and many more injured.

Canada -- Laurier Palace Theatre fire
  • 78 children are killed during The Laurier Palace Theatre fire on January 9th in Montreal, Canada when they die in the stampede or are asphyxiated.
More Information and Timeline For Laurier Palace Theatre fire
1. The Laurier Palace Theatre was a small movie theatre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
2. 800 children were watching an afternoon matinee movie called Get 'Em Young.
3. 78 children died in the tragedy 12 were crushed, 64 asphyxiated; only 2 died from the fire itself.

China -- Chinese Attack On foreign shipping
  • China attacks foreign ships approaching Chinese waters.
More Information and Timeline For Chinese Attack On foreign shipping
1. Autumn Harvest Uprising Begins in China led by Mao Zedong.
2. Chinese gun batteries begin attacking British and US shipping.
3. British warships attack and disable the Chinese gun batteries.

United States -- Distinguished Flying Cross Medal
  • Charles Lindbergh is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal in June.
More Information for Lindbergh's Distinguished Flying Cross Medal.
Groundbreaking aviator Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Medal in the first ever presentation of the honor during June of 1927. Lindbergh received the award for completing the very first transatlantic solo flight from New York to Paris during the previous month. United States President Calvin Coolidge presented the honor to Lindbergh in Washington D.C. Future well-known recipients of the medal would include George H.W. Bush, Amelia Earhart, Alan Shepard, Wiley Post, Buzz Aldrin and Jim Lovell.

  • In Britain, a 1000 people a week die from influenza epidemic.

How Much things cost A child's toy steam engine which was a 20's children's toy
Toy Steam Engine $3.98 Not everybody had electricity so these hand cranked washing machines were still sold
Manual Washing Machine $15.95 For city dwellers who had electricity an Electric Washing Machine
Electric Washing Machine $79.00 Other Camera's were available but the box brownie was still popular
Kodak Box Brownie Camera $2.29 The astounding thing about this Radio was the price (about $1,000 in today's money)
Radio Receiver $74.95 20's Ranges were not only used for cooking but a form of heating so were left on all day
Wood Fired Kitchen Range $69.85

Popular Culture

Popular Songs

  • The Jazz Singer opens October 6th and becomes a huge success, marking the end of the silent film era.
  • Ain't She Sweet
  • Blue Skies Irving Berlin

Born This Year

Roger Moore October 14th
Andy Williams December 3rd
Gina Lollobrigida July 4th
Pope Benedict XVI April 16th


  • First transatlantic telephone call - New York City to London.
  • Ford Motor Company ceases manufacturing Ford Model Ts after making 15 million cars.
  • Ford begins selling the Ford Model A with several body styles prices start from $460.
  • Pan American Airways is formed.

Inventions Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )
Color Television Scotland by John Logie Baird
Talking Pictures USA
Videophone USA
Pop Up Toaster by Charles Strite
Quartz Time keeping Switzerland by Hans Wilsdorf from England

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1927 Calendar

Major World Political Leaders

Australia Prime Minister Stanley Bruce Brazil President Washington Luís Canada Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King

Italy Prime Minister Benito Mussolini

Japan Prime Minister Reijirō Wakatsuki until 20 April
Japan Prime Minister Giichi Tanaka From 20 April
Mexico President Plutarco Elías Calles Russia / Soviet Union
General Secretary of the Central Committee Joseph Stalin South Africa Prime Minister James Barry Munnik Hertzog United States President Calvin Coolidge United Kingdom Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin Japan Prime Minister Reijirō Wakatsuki until 20 April
Japan Prime Minister Giichi Tanaka From 20 April