1923 Mens and Womens Fashion Accessories From The 1920s

Bow Hat
Price: $3.95
Description Immense bow appears here in a new mode that is unusually attractive. Latest novel cuff brim of silk faced satin slopes stunningly at sides, then swings up and hugs crown closely at back. Smartly draped silk faced velvet crown set off with satin cording around tip. Satin faced velvet bow effect with jet black ornament in center. Silk lining. Choose from solid navy blue, solid black, oakwood with sand color satin, or peacock blue with pearl gray.

Bow Hat 1923

"The Broadway" Hat
Price: $3.35
Description An ultra-fashionable hat in the season's most popular shades. One of the snappiest New York styles shown. Made of fine quality fur felt. Choose from sand tan with brown trim, seal brown with brown trim, gray with black trim, or black with black trim.

The Broadway Hat 1923

Combination Boot
Price: $4.98
Description If you are looking for a real dressy shoe in the best combination, we offer you this patent leather with gray suede top. Has a rubber heel.

Combination Boot 1923

Men's Dress Shoe
Price: $2.98
Description Genuine Goodyear welt and is made from full grain leather. The sole is medium weight and is absolutely good quality. Live, springy rubber heel. The last over which this shoe is made insures a perfect fit, which means comfort for your feet.

Men's Dress Shoe 1923

Fancy Dress Hat
Price: $6.45
Description Perfectly gorgeous and our best large brim fancy dress hat. Handmade wired frame covered with lovely gold or silver metallic lace, recovered with single layer of silk maline which extends softly over the edge. Stylish six-pieced crown of fine silk faced velvet. High grade wreath of mixed colored fiber silk plush novelty morning glories.

Fancy Dress Hat 1923

Feather Toque
Price: $3.75
Description The snappiest feather toque designed in many a season. In comfortable size to fit almost any head and especially becoming. Selected coque feathers pasted all over the top and into the clever flat trailing effect at side. Many bright colored ostrich flues scattered in for contrast. Narrow silk faced duvetyn brim.

Feather Toque 1923

Frenchy Velvet Poke
Price: $3.48
Description The stunning fan trimming is a "Frenchy" touch. Very becoming, short back, all silk faced velvet poke shape. Fine knife plaited silk moire ribbon. Novel celluloid ornaments. Colors come in Mephisto (bright red) with pearl gray ribbon; dark brown with sand color ribbon; solid navy blue, or solid black.

Frenchy Velvet Poke 1923

Frosted Colors Spanish Comb
Price: $1.25
Description Charming new Spanish comb in openwork design. Fashionable new frosted colors: light red, French blue or dark green, set with 72 brilliants to harmonize, or in mottled brown shell and amber set with white imitation diamonds.

Frosted Colors Spanish Comb 1923

Leather Indian Moccasin
Price: $1.38
Description Dainty tan suede leather Indian moccasin for women. Made with a soft padded chrome leather sole. Very comfortable and low priced.

Leather Indian Moccasin 1923

Low Heel Sport Oxford
Price: $3.48
Description Fashion decrees Sport Oxfords to be the big thing for the present fall and winter season. We are showing a combination of brown Russia and patent leather in a new design that carries a low rubber heel. The pattern is the same used by the manufacturers of high priced shoes.

Low Heel Sport Oxford 1923

Nacre Feather Trim Hat
Price: $4.89
Description "Nacre" feather trims are the rage in New York. This large, distinguished shape with gracious sweep to the right is made of very high grade silk faced duvetyn. Full band with extra wing effect at side of fine glycerined feathers shaded beautifully to match foundation of hat. Choose from bright blue with shaded blue and orchid feathers, oakwood, pearl gray, or navy blue.

Nacre Feather Trim Hat 1923

One Strap Slipper
Price: $2.95
Description One of the most popular styles with women in this one strap slipper. They are neat and comfortable and can be worn anywhere, anytime. Come in brown Russia or patent leather.

One Strap Slipper 1923

Pan Tourist Hat
Price: $2.69
Description Men's tourist style good quality fur felt hat. Choose from black, medium gray, or dark brown.

Pan Tourist Hat 1923

Patent Leather and Gray Suede Heel
Price: $3.69
Description A very well liked style. So charming is this late creation that you will sit long in admiration when you get it on your foot. What could be prettier or more appropriate for street wear than this beautifully shaped patent leather slipper with its distinctive pleasing gray suede tongue effect. This is something new and is admired by all women who see it.

Patent Leather and Gray Suede Heel 1923

Rubber Shoe Cover
Price: 59 cents
Description The "handy" shopping rubber, women's foothold shopping rubber. A specially constructed flexible edge on the sole permits perfect fitting of a variety of different shape lasts. Made in full sizes only. A pair of these rubbers will fit two or more different sizes in shoes.

Rubber Shoe Cover 1923

Silk Stockings
Price: $1.18
Description Genuine silk with silk embroidered clocks. Every woman likes the things she wears to be just a little bit out of the ordinary. She will find style and value in this clocked hosiery. Fine, genuine silk stockings. Reinforced toes, soles and high spliced heels. Cotton lisle garter tops.

Silk Stockings 1923

"The Boss" Sombrero Work Hat
Price: $1.95
Description "The Boss" Men's good quality wool felt sombrero work hat. Crown is about four and three-quarters inches high. Bound brim, about three inches wide. Comes in nutria tan.

The Boss Sombrero Work Hat 1923

Spanish Comb and Lavalliere
Price: $1.89
Description Spanish comb and Lavalliere. Choose from colors of French blue, dark red, jade green, or all white meant to resemble ivory. Has 64 brilliants in set to match.

Spanish Comb and Lavalliere 1923

Tailored Cloche
Price: $3.25
Description Special low pricing on the smartest little tailored cloche. Made of genuine hatter's plush with an especially rich sheen. Underbrim faced with good silk faced satin. Smart tailored trim of high grade grosgrain ribbon. Colors come in solid black or navy blue with pearl gray facing, or oakwood (medium brown) with camel color facing.

Tailored Cloche 1923

Turban with Feather Whips
Price: $3.65
Description Stylish turban, equally becoming to young and mature women. Good quality silk faced velvet, draped in the latest fashion to accentuated points at sides. Popular burnt peacock feather whips arranged cleverly in line with the graceful sweep of the brim. Colors are black, sand color, navy blue, or dark brown. All feathers in black.

Turban with Feather Whips 1923