1920's Kids Boys and Girls Fashion Clothing From The Twenties

1920 Boys Clothes
Price: $2.59 - $12.89
Description View a selection of boys' suits from the year 1920 that feature a variety of modes. One suit is a washable Norfolk suit made of genuine Galatea. Another suit is made of narrow Wale Crompton's "Cravenette" finish corduroy, a cloth that repels moisture. The suit in the center of the top row of images features the latest idea of boys' fashion in the twenties and is made of all wool cheviot.
1920 Girls Clothes
Price: $1.98 - $3.69
Description Here are some examples of various styles of girls dresses in the year 1920. The dresses are meant for girls ages seven to fourteen and feature a variety of styles. One is a regulation sailor dress made of fine quality linen and another is a dainty voile summer frock with a tucked vestee effect. Another features a plaid gingham pattern.

1920's Boys and Girls Childrens Clothes Example 1
1921 Boys Clothes
Price: 89 cents - $2.98
Description Styles from 1921 feature rompers, sailor suits, and Oliver Twist style clothing sets for young boys. The image on the bottom right corner features an Oliver Twist style play suit with a tan and Copenhagen blue color combination and good quality pearl buttons. The image in the top left corner features a black sateen romper with chamois color trimmings.

1921 Girls Clothes
Price: 53 cents - $3.15
Description Girls clothing from 1921 showcase frilly yet chic party dresses, sailor dresses, and gingham plaid outfits. The bottom right image is an organdy party frock with a silk rosebud and rosebud trimming on the waist. The image in the center bottom is a long sleeved smock made of a checked gingham fabric with a white poplin collar, perfect for play and made to last.

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1922 Boys Clothes
Price: $1.98 - $5.98
Description These 1922 boys play suits represent a variety of styles offered at the time. Featured styles include an Oliver Twist suit, Fancy style brown cassimere suit, Crompton Corduroy suit and a button to the neck style made of a practical dark drab corduroy, amongst others.
1922 Girls Clothes
Price: 98 cents - $4.75
Description A range of low priced dresses for girls in 1922. Dresses vary from a gingham frock to a sailor style two-piece and a more formal all wool serge burgundy colored dress. The images represent a variety of different styles for young girls of the time.

Example 2 1920's Boys and Girls Childrens Clothes
1923 Boys Clothes
Price: $3.65 - $8.95
Description The boyish styles of 1923 feature utilitarian play suits with jackets, knickers, and an extra set of pants to make the outfit last longer. Younger boys outfits include smaller versions of the suits as well as sailor style play clothing.
1923 Girls Clothes
Price: $2.89 - $7.98
Description Girls clothing from the year 1923 reflects the styles of adult clothing with a variety of designs. Some of the frocks are two-piece ensembles and others are dresses with a dropped waist or ruffled detail, still all girlish but more indicative of the adult fashion of the times. Many of the dresses feature bow and tie details as well as checked details or intricate trimming.

1924 Boys Clothes
Price: $8.45 - $9.95
Description The 1924 boys clothing featured "snappy styles" made of all wool fabrics. The wool suits for play and school featured plaid and checked patterns as well as belted jackets and knickers with extra pants. Similar to most previous styles, clothing for boys did not change much during the Twenties.
1924 Girls Clothes
Price: $1.35 - $2.85
Description These dainty dresses for girls ages two to six years old feature fun patterns and a cute but casual style. Some show off ruffles, contrasting collars and other details.

Example 3 1920's Boys and Girls Childrens Clothes from 1924 and 1925
1925 Boys Clothes
Price: $4.98 - $10.50
Description These boys suits from 1925 offer a few different styles from a more modern adult style jacket with long pants to a child-like belted coat with knickers. The suits feature all wool fabrics with a variety of patterns and colors.
1925 Girls Clothes
Price: 98 cents - $4.95
Description These frilly little girl dresses from the year 1925 are all of a similar shape but represent a different assortment of details. Some have embroidery while others feature cute neck ties and contrasting details like pockets. Some show off a floral pattern and another displays polka dots.

1926 Boys Clothes
Price: $1.89 - $3.49
Description Clothing for young boys became a little more casual in 1926 with these few ensembles that showcase a flannel shirt with khaki knickers, khaki pants and a blue short sleeved shirt, a light-weight khaki play suit and a blue play suit with shorts.
1926 Girls Clothes
Price: $2.89 - $5.98
Description The 1926 girls dresses became even more modern and while many retained a girlish quality, others started to reflect the adult flapper style of the time. The image on the bottom right features a diagonal plaid pattern and a dropped waist, reminiscent of the flapper style dresses, while the other dresses feature more girlish silhouettes and details like flowers and flared skirts.

Example 4 1920's Boys and Girls Childrens Clothes from 1926 and 1927
1927 Boys Clothes
Price: $8.65 - $16.45
Description These suits for boys featured the latest fall and winter styles of 1927. They show off single and double breasted models and rich patterned fabrics. Many of the outfits came with an extra pair of long pants to extend their wear and uses. The image on the bottom right showcases a new style of lapel that became popular in the 1920s, the "clover leaf".
1927 Girls Clothes
Price: 98 cents - $4.79
Description These Bloomer dresses were meant for girls aged seven to nine in 1927. They are featured as outfits that are "designed for the little girl who is not quite ready for the styles that 'big sister' can wear. These dresses featured patterns, colors, and shapes appropriate for this age of girl.

1928 Boys Clothes
Price: $9.75 - $12.95
Description These exhibit the latest style of fall and winter tweed suits for boys in 1928. Almost of the models included an extra pair of bloomers. The top left image was made of all wool blue serge, while the top right featured brown tweed. All featured a double breasted coat, the most popular style at the time.
1928 Girls Clothes
Price: $1.89 - $8.50
Description These 1928 fall and winter dresses featured the smartest of styles for girls. The more formal dresses showed off lace, velvet, silk, and ruffled details, while the casual dresses gave girls a straighter more modern silhouette similar to the adult styles of the time made in flannels.

Twenties Kids Clothes Final Example From 1928 and 1929
1929 Boys Clothes
Price: $3.79 - $9.45
Description In 1929, boys had to choose from more suits made for them, and while the selection of clothing for boys did not change much over the decade there were various changes in style and details that they could choose from, all featured in these three outfits. One features a single breasted simple suit coat, and the next shows off a double breasted coat with a more detailed pattern and wider lapel, while the third has a clover leaf lapel, vest, and an even more interesting pattern.
1929 Girls Clothes
Price: $1.95 - $4.98
Description These 1929 girls dresses showcase some formal and others less formal with varying patterns and styles. Most are made of all silk crepe de chine and some others are made of organdie, rayon, or cotton. They all feature flared skirts with either ruffled or bow details. The image on the bottom center features a jacket making this two-piece model very chic and grown-up.