1920 Mens and Womens Fashion Clothing From The 1920s

Belted Model Suit
Belted Model Suit 1920 Price: $27.50
Description This new belted model is one of the most popular styles of the season. Material is a fine all wool Cheviot of green or brown shades or navy blue serge. Coat is double breasted, with two rows of buttons and all around belt, with dark metal buckle. Designed in the popular high-waisted effect. Good quality alpaca lining. The vest is a five-button collarless style with all regular pockets and athletic cut armholes. The trousers have two side, two hip pockets and watch pocket. Straight or cuff bottoms.

Coat Effect Dress
Coat Effect Dress 1920 Price: $7.39
Description What could be smarter and more practical than this two-piece coat effect dress, planned of durable Ramie linen. The coat portion is trimmed with white Ramie Linen. Collar and pocket flaps are embroidered with French knots. Silk bow at neck. Crochet buttons fasten tucked vestee. Natty kid belt. Skirt joined to white lawn waist lining.

Colored Voile Blouse
Price: $3.29
Description An attractive blouse at an attractive figure. Made of sheer quality colored voile that will launder well. Round neck, short sleeve style, finished with plaited ruffles scallop embroidered in contrasting color floss. Wide tucks across front. Buttons in back.

Colored Voile Blouse 1920

Cotton Crash Suit
Price: $6.89
Description Inexpensive two-piece suit, cool and comfortable, of good Cotton Crash suiting, which will wash well. Coat finished with three patch pockets. Unlined. No vest. Trousers fully cut with all regular pockets and loops.

Cotton Crash Suit 1920

Cotton Pongee Shirt
Cotton Pongee Shirt 1920 Price: $3.98
Description The patterns and stripes of this highly mercerized cotton pongee shirt are copied from more expensive silk shirts, and material finished like a silk shirt. Coat style, matched center-front, detachable soft collar to match. French cuffs.

Dainty Dress Up Frock
Daint Dress Up Frock 1920 Price: $15.49
Description Dainty dress-up frock of beautifully patterned richly colored silk and cotton crepe with the appearance of silk georgette. Waist blouses over a soft, gray silk taffeta ribbon girdle with side bow, and shows taffeta ribbon ruche and gilt braid at neck. Side-draped skirt.

Embroidered Linen Dress
Embroiderd Linen Dress 1920 Price: $5.49
Description You will get satisfaction from this dress of washable Ramie linen. Collar, cuffs and pocket flaps made of white pique. Floss hand-stitching embellishes the cuffs, collar and belt. Gathered skirt laid in double plait down front.

Handkerchief Tunic Frock
Handkerchief Tunic Frock 1920 Price: $10.49
Description Stylish and inexpensive summer frock, a dress that can be worn on almost any occasion. Figured georgette pattern voile is used for the overblouse, both front and back, for cuffs on sleeves and for the handkerchief tunic, balance of dress made of plain colored voile.

Japanese Crepe Frock
Japanese Crepe Frock 1920 Price: $11.98
Description A thoroughly delightful style and a wonderful bargain in a summer frock of Japanese crepe. Artfully hand embroidered with silk floss on pockets and around neck. Narrow tie sash. Pearl buttons ornament front and fasten dress in back. Colors come in lavender, rose, or blue.

Linen Middy Dress
Linen Middy Dress 1920 Price: $6.95
Description Stylish two-piece middy type dress planned of colored and white Ramie linen. Pearl buttons trim blouse. Satin ribbon neck and sleeve bows. Box plaited skirt.

Men's Bathing Suit
Men's Bathing Suit 1920 Price: $5.45
Description Men's two-piece bathing suit knit of high-grade pure worsted yarn. Tape drawstring at the waist. Colors come in navy with white trimming or heather with oxford trimming.

Metropolitan Overcoat
Metropolitan Overcoat 1920 Price: $26.50
Description This is a handsome Ulsterette overcoat cut in a fashionable Metropolitan style. This overcoat is made in the popular double-breasted model, with slash welt pockets and a convertible collar. Two buttoned belt in back. Has inside pocket, center vent in back and yoke and sleeves are lined with a handsome satin-like venetian.

Mohair Summer Suit
Mohair Summer Suit 1920 Price: $14.89
Description Cool two-piece summer suit of good quality two-tone Mohair for men or young men. Coat has lower slash pockets and upper welt pocket; all around belt. No vest. Trousers have two side and two hip pockets, watch pocket cuff bottoms.

Ramie Linen Dress
Ramie Linen Dress 1920 Price: $8.99
Description Jaunty two-piece, coat effect dress made of Ramie linen of staunch quality in two tones. Blouse coat has patent leather belt. Finished at lower edge in corded cuff effect, button-trimmed, and provided with pockets. Skirt side plaited with a wide cuff; joined to lawn waist with tucked organdie vest front. Colors come in rose and tan, Copenhagen and tan, or green and tan.

Ripple Sweater
Ripple Sweater 1920 Price: $4.95
Description Made of a medium heavy weight all wool in fancy weave. Smart tuxedo collar; flare cuffs. Waistline, collar and front in contrasting color.

Silk Taffeta Dress
Silk Taffeta Dress 1920 Price: $23.98
Description Finished with a beautiful lace collar. Short sleeves, bottom of blouse and sash ends banded with contrasting silk taffeta. Gathered skirt with stylish peplum extended at sides. Colors include brown, navy, or Copenhagen.

Velour Sport Coat
Velour Sport Coat 1920 Price: $23.98
Description For this new and smart sports coat we have chosen a medium weight all wool velour cloth in the most popular colors. It is trimmed with knitted, brushed wool scarf-collar in a pleasing tone. Modeled with an inverted plait down back, narrow self-material belt, and two fancy button-trimmed patch pockets. Buttons to harmonize also trim the cuffs and effect closing. Unlined.

Voile Garden Smock
Voile Garden Smock 1920 Price: $3.49
Description Fine quality colored voile smock. A cool, comfortable garment with heavy floss embroidery hand-worked on front, also on pocket flaps and cuffs. White organdie collar. Wide sash. Buttons on the shoulders.

Waistline Model Suit
Waistline Model Suit 1920 Price: $24.89
Description All wool, in either green or brown cassimere or navy blue serge at a low price.

Women's Bathing Suit
Women's Bathing Suit 1920 Price: $4.95
Description Women's bathing suit of extra good quality, lustrous black sateen. Wide skirt; popular sleeveless model. Black lacing over the white vestee is a new style feature.